Teenage Theatre in Coventry

Teenage Theatre in Coventry I am a member of BIG EGO which is a group for adults of all abilities and disabilities, I am one of two people who are wheelchair users and I have cerebral palsy, though the severity of our disabilities may be different, our passion for our work is exactly the same. […]

The Opportunity for Culture in Coventry


I am writing from the perspective of a businessman who was born and brought up in Coventry. I spent my working life building up a successful family owned manufacturing company based in Coventry and have also in recent years become actively involved in the cultural scene. My view of the opportunity for Coventry is very […]

Positive Images Festival calling

Positive Images Festival

The 22nd annual Positive Images Festival (PIF) in Coventry turned out to be a momentous one for all connected with the festival. On 2nd June 2016 it was announced that Positive Images Festival had won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. This news was music for my ears. We celebrate diversity, promote partnership working […]

Coventry through my eyes

A few years ago, a boy in my class told me that if I was with a predominantly white group of people, I wouldn’t really fit in, and if I was with a predominantly black group of people I wouldn’t fit in there either, because I was mixed race. I “didn’t have anyone else like […]

There is something about Coventry

Recently, I was privileged enough to share space with 5 incredible artists from various artistic disciplines, regions of the UK, and cultural backgrounds at Shop Front Theatre in Coventry. We had a space, 4 days, a short story stimulus, and a simple provocation: ‘We are not where we are but in a false position’. From […]

Coventry: The new Berlin!?

I spent a few days in Berlin recently. I hadn’t been there since the early 90s, back in the early post Wall frenzy. The place then was ablaze with activity and ideas. It felt like every second person  was opening a bar,  a gallery or starting a new political party. Why was that? During the […]

Aspirations and Inspirations for Digital Engagement in Coventry

Thinking about my time in the city as a resident, a father, a husband and as a self employed artist this post looks to take into account and reflect on my experience working in public spaces, galleries, museums and schools, with arts organisations and business using technology as a tool for creative exploration. Quotes and […]