Coventry through my eyes

A few years ago, a boy in my class told me that if I was with a predominantly white group of people, I wouldn’t really fit in, and if I was with a predominantly black group of people I wouldn’t fit in there either, because I was mixed race. I “didn’t have anyone else like […]

There is something about Coventry

Recently, I was privileged enough to share space with 5 incredible artists from various artistic disciplines, regions of the UK, and cultural backgrounds at Shop Front Theatre in Coventry. We had a space, 4 days, a short story stimulus, and a simple provocation: ‘We are not where we are but in a false position’. From […]

Coventry: The new Berlin!?

I spent a few days in Berlin recently. I hadn’t been there since the early 90s, back in the early post Wall frenzy. The place then was ablaze with activity and ideas. It felt like every second person  was opening a bar,  a gallery or starting a new political party. Why was that? During the […]